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We believe digital banking is the future for financial institutions. That's why we help clients build their digital portfolio with video banking.

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Taking Burdens Off Your Staff's Shoulders

Founded in 2012, Invo Solutions' sole purpose was to develop the industry’s first video banking experience. Our staff has combined for more than 50 years of experience in the financial industry. So, we know better than most how technology has changed the relationship between customers and institutions.

Customers are now heading online for banking transactions more than they ever have. They can deposit checks, open accounts, pay bills and transfer funds. But for larger financial transactions, most customers still feel more comfortable with in-person interactions. This is where we saw an opportunity.

With more features available online, fewer customers were actually visiting branch locations. Still, moving an entire team online wasn't possible. Invo Video Banking created a bridge for that gap. It reduced the need for employees on the lobby floor while increasing online traffic. The software replicates in-person interactions while reducing customer wait time for institutions.

After five years of testing and enhancing, the platform was introduced to the market. Since that time, Invo Video Banking has been widely acclaimed, including features in:

  • Credit Union Journal
  • Credit Union Times
  • The Financial Brand
  • Yahoo Finance and World News
  • 2017 REACH Convention
  • 2018 Heartland Convention

Its start-to-finish software solution is backed by five years of proven aggregate data. Pioneers in the video software space, Invo Video Banking has created a cross-industry product that can greatly improve your company’s efficiency and customer experience.

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Derek Williams, Co-Founder
Derek co-founded Invo Solutions in 2012, and has now worked in a live video banking environment for the last 8 years. He is an experienced Chief Operations Officer at BluCurrent Credit Union with a demonstrated history of working in the credit union industry. Derek graduated from Southwest CUNA Management School and holds a degree in Computer Information Systems from Missouri State University.

Gary Kirk, Co-Founder
Gary co-founded Invo Solutions in 2012, and has now worked in a live video banking environment for the last 8 years. He joined BluCurrent Credit Union in 2004 and is their Executive Vice-President. At BluCurrent, he oversees the Lending, Accounting, Finance, Business Services, and Compliance areas of the credit union. Gary holds a Bachelor degree in Finance from Missouri State University and is a Southwest CUNA Management School graduate.

Jacob Martin, Chief Operations Officer
Jake joined Invo Solutions as COO in early 2019. He is an innovative influencer in the technology and services field, with 19 years of professional experience as a leader. Jake is a driven motivator and relational executive focused on building a team that delivers exceptional results for clients. He has successfully launched 15 novel products and services while partnering with over 300 financial institutions across North America. Jake leads from his position as both and educator and strategist, partnering with clients as a consultative expert. Jake graduated from Drury University with a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Global Studies.
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