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Easy appointment scheduling for your staff and customers

With Invo Booking, your financial institution can say goodbye to scheduling conflicts and miscommunications within the branch. This first-to-market appointment scheduling tool allows staff and your customers to easily schedule appointments from each of their digital channels.

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77% of customers prefer face-to-face interaction for at-length discussions with their bank

Invo Booking: A New Way To Schedule
Manage all appointments from one location

This appointment scheduling tool was specifically created to bridge meetings across digital and physical channels, allowing you to manage every single appointment with one platform. Customers can schedule a video call with Invo Booking but they can also schedule a phone call or an in-person appointment through this revolutionary platform. This will dramatically improve staff communication and productivity by centralizing all appointments and removing the possibility of double booking.

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Convenient scheduling for your customers

More than anything, this tool was created for your customers. With Invo Booking, your customers can easily find a time to schedule an appointment that fits their schedule. With your staff’s availability automatically populating in the Invo Booking system, they can find a time when both they and their agent are available. This eliminates the need to send countless emails back and forth or negotiate the right day over the phone.

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Integrate with Google and Outlook Calendars

Invo Booking not only operates independently as a stand-alone appointment scheduling system, but also integrates seamlessly with Google and Outlook calendars. This scheduling tool not only sees when you have an appointment scheduled, but it can also see when you have other things on the calendar that would prevent you from taking an appointment.

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