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Chatbots are a dime a dozen serving countless industries with varying unique needs. With this in mind, we designed one from scratch and built it from the ground-up, specifically for the financial industry. A chatbot made by bankers, for bankers. Invo Chat is a full-service, intent-driven chat solution that will make your financial institution accessible 24/7.

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Nearly 45% of customers engage a chatbot expecting an immediate response

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Live employee-driven chat during business hours

Invo Chat will get your customers where they need to go quickly and easily. The platform will ask personalized questions to users based on intents that your staff have created with our team. Invo Chat can also escalate a chatbot-driven conversation to a real conversation with any employee through the Invo dashboard, empowering your customers to escalate to a live chat, phone call, or even a video call.

Native scheduling tool for future meetings

If your institution deploys Invo Booking along with Invo Chat, customers will have the option to schedule a future appointment through your chatbot. Through a widget on your website, customers can simply click the calendar icon and pick the time that works best for them without needing to call ahead or visit a specific webpage.

Instant access to video banking

If you have a customer that wants to immediately speak with an employee, Invo Chat has the ability to escalate to a video call in a single step. No more looking for a contact page. Invo Chat cuts straight through the red tape and gets your customers – and your potential customers – where they need to go without any hassle.

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