Invo Concierge

Greet every customer with a smile

Even in the digital world, your customers still value customer service and personal engagement. Invo Concierge is an assisted/self-service tablet-based lobby management tool that engages customers within your branch environment. You can greet each customer at the door with a smile, quickly getting them where they need to go

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77% of customers prefer face-to-face interaction for at-length discussions with their bank

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Manage walk-in traffic with ease

With this tablet-based module, a branch’s assigned concierge can manage walk-in traffic and assign customers to a kiosk or branch staff quickly. Your concierge will greet each customer and then take down the necessary information to begin a video call. They then can assign the customer to a kiosk and launch a video call, eliminating wait times while giving the agent the call all the information they need. Alternatively, this platform can also manage in-person meetings by identifying available staff members, assigning customers to the right resource, and brokering that in-person meeting digitally.

Self-Service check-in concierge kiosk

The Invo Concierge lobby management platform supports a fully custom self-service check-in touchscreen kiosk station. This enables your customers to check themselves into the branch for video kiosk sessions and in-person meetings, while also empowering your financial institution to track all efficiencies through the robust reporting functionality.

Integrate Invo Booking for increased efficiency

Invo Concierge also integrates with Invo Booking, allowing customers to check-in to an already existing video appointment. Your branch’s concierge will also be able to schedule future calls from the tablet.

Self-Service check-in concierge kiosk

With Invo Concierge, your staff can avoid double-bookings, as well as other conflicts by centralizing the customer experience. Every single video call can begin with the agent knowing exactly what the customer needs. Invo Concierge also ensures that customers are immediately put in contact with the right agent, avoiding the need to desk hop.

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