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Video banking isn’t designed to replace in-branch banking, it’s designed to perfect it. With Invo Lobby, your physical branches will be more efficient than ever, giving your staff the opportunity to focus all their energy on customer relationships. Evolve your branch facilities into a destination of experience and efficiency.

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58% who start digitally end up in a physical branch

Greet your customers at the door

Well over 90% of customers still list customer services as very important to them. While convenience has never been more important, your customers still want the personal touch of in-branch banking. Through Invo Concierge, a tablet-based module that can be deployed with Invo Lobby, employees can greet your customers at the door with a smile before assigning them to the proper kiosk or in-person meeting.

Get rid of long wait times

Your customers are busy. They don’t have time to wait in long lines. The national average wait time at a financial institution is between 8-11 minutes. However, institutions that utilize Invo Lobby report wait times of less than two minutes across all channels, with some branches cutting wait times by up to 130%.

Improve lobby efficiency

In the digital age, one question has loomed over financial institutions: How do we increase branch efficiency without compromising customer experience? With Invo Lobby, you don’t have to make that compromise. Not only will your branches dramatically lower wait times, but they’ll do it while reporting an efficiency gain of 3-to-1 FTE or greater and savings up to $96,000 per year.


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