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Video Banking Benefits

We believe digital banking is the future for financial institutions. That's why we help clients build their digital portfolio with video banking.

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How can video banking benefit my institution?

Increase Employee Efficiency

Invo Video Banking allows you to operate at a 3-to-1 desk-to-employee capacity. Instead of staffing each desk in your lobby, you can consolidate employees to meet customer needs.

Allow Your Staff to Work From Anywhere

Through web access, your staff can view and monitor the incoming-call queue and attend to those high-value interactions from anywhere in your infrastructure—or anywhere in the world.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

At the end of each video banking session, customers are prompted to complete a brief questionnaire. Not only does Invo Video Banking have a 50 percent completion rate, but also customers who have used Invo Video Banking rate their overall satisfaction as 4.82 out of 5.

Assist Employees in Real Time

One benefit of the Invo Video Banking platform is its ability to allow managers to assist their employees when needed. Managers can monitor calls between employees and customers and conference in if an employee has questions. This also allows managers to verify service levels and monitor the customer experience.

Reduce Wait Time

The average wait time for a customer using Invo Video Banking is less than two minutes.

Collect Data

After more than 40 combined years working at financial institutions, we realized we didn't have a good way to track data like customer wait time. Invo Video Banking allows you to track everything from average call time and hold time to busiest times of day and employee production.

Improve Customer Service

Agents can transfer customers to the person who can best assist them with their banking needs. Unlike a traditional branch visit where customers might have to visit several offices to resolve their questions, Invo Video Banking brings expert advice to the customer.

Jump in When Needed

If an agent needs assistance, a manager can tap into a call and lend a hand or expertise depending on the customer's needs.

Custom Advertisements and Surveys

Invo Video Banking software allows you to create customized ads and customer surveys, so you can gather the data you need and reach your target audience.

Increase Referrals

As more customers seek out digital banking, video banking is becoming a key part of a customer's experience. It reduces their wait time, provides one-on-one customer service and offers much-needed convenience. At BluCurrent, 55 percent of new members are through referrals. We do not have a referral program, so that’s organic growth. We credit a large part of that to our Invo Video Banking platform.

Assist all Ages

Invo Video Banking software was developed to be user-friendly. Customers don't need to be digitally savvy to use the platform. Once the customer is connected with an agent, his or her work is done. All documents and signatures can be gathered by the agent through the use of a document scanner and signature pad.

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