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We’ve seen first-hand how Invo Video Banking can improve business. Learn how we’re helping clients across the country succeed with video banking.

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Recent Clients

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“Over the past 5 years, I have watched Invo Video Banking lead to better customer service and greater staffing efficiencies. Our members have a reduced wait time and a more comfortable, consistent experience. For other financial institutions considering adopting video banking, I highly recommend Invo Solutions.”

Craig Tabor, CEO - BluCurrent Credit Union

“When researching a video conferencing solution, we looked for a solution that would allow us to assist our membership with all their financial needs. The desired solution needed to be a pleasant and seamless experience for our membership as well as providing ease of use for our staff. Invo Solutions met this need. We are excited to begin this joint venture.”

Noemy Correa, VP of Branch Operations - Hapo Credit Union

“Invo Video Banking allowed us to fully change the member experience, from start to finish. There was some concern about member adoption pre-implementation. From the first member who walked through the doors, our members are through the roof on our new process. The service and product that Invo Solutions provides has been above our expectation.”

Brentt Moon, CIO - Azura Credit Union