Don’t sacrifice branch efficiency for customer experience anymore with Invo Lobby

Even before the digital era, the age-old question for businesses has stayed the same: How much are we willing to sacrifice customer experience to maintain staff efficiency? This has looked different for each industry. Restaurants can save money by having fewer cooks on hand, but their customers will wait longer for their food. Grocery stores can save money by installing automated check-out machines, but their customers will have fewer in-person employees to help them find things they need. 

For the banking industry, it’s a similar dilemma. Having more tellers on hand means shorter wait times for customers and members. But when your branch isn’t busy, this leads to being overstaffed.

The Problem: Customer Experience vs. Branch Efficiency

Automation is becoming a bigger and bigger deal every day. Not only do 67% of respondents to a ZenDesk survey prefer self-service, but it also makes your staff more efficient. It cuts down on wait times and prevents wasted hours when your branch lobby isn’t busy. The only problem is digital solutions don’t work the same way in banks and credit unions as they do in grocery stores or restaurants. Your customers and members need agents and other trusted advisors to open new accounts, sign documents, take out loans, and even to get advice and counsel. Our research shows that even when users start their journey digitally through remote video banking channels, 58% of them still wind up in a physical branch. So how can your branch be more efficient and use technological advancement without losing that human interaction?

The Solution: Invo Lobby

Put in the simplest terms, our Invo Lobby module bridges the digital and physical gap. With Invo Lobby, your members or customers will have access to a video banking kiosk within the branch. There, they will be connected with an employee and can even schedule calls with their favorite employees. And this isn’t just for consultations or advice. From these kiosks, documents can be signed, ID’s can be scanned, and complex financial transactions can be made. 

And if you add on our Invo Concierge feature, you can further enhance experience. Our Concierge platform is a tablet-based extension where an employee greets people in the lobby, gathers information, and assigns them to a video kiosk or an in-person staff member. This will serve to further increase branch efficiency, with users reporting average wait times of under two minutes at branches that utilize Lobby. The national average within a branch lobby is 8-11 minutes. 

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Invo Lobby will dramatically improve the branch experience for your customers or members, while also decreasing wait times by up to 130%. It offers convenience without sacrificing functionality and efficiency without sacrificing experience. And for a limited time, we are offering Invo Concierge for free to anybody who implements Invo Lobby.

For more information, give us a call at (417) 468-6843 or contact us today! today! You can also download our free Invo Lobby explainer to learn more!Put in the simplest terms, our Invo Lobby module bridges the digital and physical gap.