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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. Our best practices come from more than five years of real-life experience using Invo Video Banking. With a wealth of hands-on experience, we've coached new clients as they've adopted the platform. Each client's needs vary, and we're here to help them implement Invo Video Banking efficiently and effectively.

While video banking offers customers the in-branch experience through a digital platform, it can also benefit your physical branch locations. We've seen video banking decrease customer wait time, improve customer satisfaction, increase referral rates and increase employee efficiency.
The simple answer is no. Because we’ve had five years to adjust the customer experience, we made sure the software is incredibly user-friendly. All customers have to do is hit the start button on the screen, and a financial agent handles everything else. Members do not need to have any digital prowess to successfully use Invo Video Banking. This is part of why members who have used the software have given it a 96.8 percent positive user experience rating.
This varies by location, but at BluCurrent, we took part of our lobby previously dedicated to personal offices and created smaller computer rooms where members can use Invo Video Banking to answer their questions or handle high-value transactions. The rooms are welcoming and mirror a traditional office setting with a desk, chair and computer screen. Based on member feedback, this setup provides a welcoming and private space where members can securely discuss financial questions with agents.
No. Invo Video Banking was designed for simplicity. All you need to start using Invo Video Banking is the software, a webcam, a document scanner and a signature pad.
Yes. We understand that financial institutions already have software in place that would be too costly and difficult to replace. This is why Invo Video Banking is a collaborative platform that can communicate with other software programs.
Yes. Strategically, Invo Video Banking focused on in-branch video banking first. Even as digital banking grows in popularity and scope, we’ve seen customers continue to seek out expert advice on high-value financial transactions at branch locations. However, we have extended our platform because mobile video banking adoption is quickly growing and we understand the importance of customer convenience.
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