Invo Lobby will transform your branch experience

In the digital age, automation has become a legitimate tool for nearly every industry and the financial industry isn’t any different. Juniper Research projects that the financial and banking industry will save over $11.5 billion thanks to customer service chatbots in 2023, while projecting over $7.3 billion in robo advisor assets under management in 2023. It’s impossible to neglect the role that automation plays in the industry.

The question then becomes: what role will bank and credit union lobbies play in an increasingly automated era? At Invo Solutions, our Invo Lobby platform bridges the gap between digital and physical platforms, giving your bank or credit union the efficiency of automation without losing the customer service of a physical branch.

The Need: Video Banking In Your Branch

Convenience and access have never been more important to your members and customers. According to a recent study, 19% of consumers listed convenience as the most important factor when opening a new account. They counted it as more important than better rates and lower fees. The landscape of banking is changing and digital solutions are now required, not just recommended. Invo Video Banking is just part of that solution, providing instant access to consumers and users. And unlike other digital solutions, Invo Video Banking also maintains the human element that your members and customers still desire.

The Need: Human Interaction in Your Branch

According to our research, 58% of people who begin an interaction digitally still wind up in a branch. And while convenience and access have jumped to the front of the line over the last decade, consumers are beginning to move back to the middle for one simple reason: they still desire human interaction. 83% of consumers around the world prefer dealing with human beings over digital channels to solve customer service issues. 77% would rather get advice from a human being than a digital channel.

And here’s the kicker. 65% agree that in-store service is the best way to have a positive experience. So how do we give people the convenience they desire, while also not losing human interaction? Simple. Invo Lobby.

The Solution: Invo Lobby

Invo Lobby is our in-branch video banking solution. Rather than waiting in line for an agent, consumers are met at the door and assigned to a video kiosk where an agent will initiate a video call. They can even choose their favorite agent. With this platform, wait times are up to 90% shorter than the national average of 8-11 minutes while our users wait less than two minutes to be connected.

Your branches don’t have to sacrifice user experience and convenience for branch efficiency. With Invo Lobby, you can have both. Give us a call today at (855) 468-6843 or contact us to find out more! You can also download our FREE Invo Lobby explainer for more information!