Video banking wasn’t designed to replace in-branch banking. It was designed to perfect it.  

For our second Invo Insider, we want to take a look at what video banking looks like inside the physical branch lobby. As new technologies are integrated into financial institutions, there is often concern from customers that it will replace the interactions they have with their favorite branch employees. 

And from the staff’s perspective, new technologies such as video banking can been be seen as synonymous with automation. In other words, new technology is a threat to my job. 

What we want to explore in our next Invo Insider is how in-branch video banking won’t replace the in-person interactions at your financial institution, but rather make those interactions better, more efficient, and more productive. 

Y-12 Federal Credit Union

During this Insider event, we will hear directly from Melissa McMahan, Vice President of Strategic Development at Y-12 Federal Credit Union. Invo Solutions COO Jake Martin will speak with McMahan on things such as:

  • How video banking has impacted Y-12’s physical branches
  • What kind of branch growth is possible through video banking
  • How in-branch video banking is supported operationally
  • How to see real efficiency gains
  • And much more

Founded in 1950, Y-12 looks to be “an innovative financial partner, transforming the lives of our members and communities by developing lasting relationships.”

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