What Invo Lobby Did For Mobiloil Credit Union

At Invo Solutions, we aim to give banks and credit unions real-world results for their customers and members. Our platforms and features are specifically designed to make financial institutions more efficient while also improving the customer and member experience. Mobiloil Credit Union is just one of many institutions that have taken advantage of these benefits.

Founded in 1935, Mobiloil Credit Union was one of the first federal credit unions in their county. Since then, they have grown to over 60,000 members with assets nearing $1 billion. And as they continue to grow, so does their need for digital solutions for their members.

Why Choose Invo Solutions?

“My main focus has been consistency amongst our branches as we grow,” Jacob Wills states, the AVP of Branches at Mobiloil. “One of the reasons we were interested in this product, as we expand our footprint, [was] making sure the same level of service is given, regardless of the physical location of the branch.”

Mobiloil Credit Union deployed Invo Lobby, our in-branch video banking solution that allows members to speak with an employee face-to-face through video banking kiosks.

“There’s a responsibility on us to integrate technology,” Wills adds. “This is where people are headed. Making things convenient and available to them, meet their needs where they’re at, that’s what we have to do.”

What Does Invo Lobby Implementation Look Like?

Our goal is to allow banks and credit unions to implement platforms such as Invo Lobby without upending their core systems. With Mobiloil Credit Union, Wills says that they were able to implement Invo’s software without disrupting any of their existing systems.

“Because it is so easy to maneuver within, we’re still doing all of our stuff through our core system.” Wills said. “There were very few changes or tweaks we had to make.”

Another consideration is staff training. But according to Wills, the process was smooth and the end results have been strong. “It’s just like second nature to them,” Wills said of his staff’s ability to work from within Invo’s platform.

What Are The End Results?

The immediate results for Mobiloil Credit Union included wait times dropping by close to 70% and average wait times averaging less than 2-3 minutes. Since then, the overall results for the Invo Lobby platform have only gotten better, with some institutions seeing up to 130% drops in wait times.

“Everything that we have asked for [from Invo Solutions], from a functionality standpoint, we couldn’t have asked for better help.” Wills said.

So What’s Next?

Invo Lobby is a groundbreaking platform that will dramatically improve how your branch lobbies function. If you are interested, please download our free Invo Lobby explainer today! You can also give us a call at (417) 468-6843 or contact us today to request more information.