Video Banking Platforms Offered at Invo Solutions

For nearly a decade, Invo Solutions has provided financial institutions with the best video banking software in the industry. Our staff has worked in the financial industry for a combined 50 years, so we have seen the impact that the digital age has had on the industry first hand. Now more than ever, customers are looking to do business with financial institutions that offer dynamic video banking solutions. At Invo Solutions, our revolutionary software works across three unique platforms, significantly expanding the reach of your institution.


We all know how fast the adoption of smart devices is expanding, with over 81% of American adults owning a smartphone. As a result, there has been a staggering increase in mobile internet usage, with up to 70% of all web traffic happening on mobile devices. At Invo Solutions, we want to offer video banking solutions that leverage those numbers for your institution. The ability for your customers to have access to your institution from any device at any time is invaluable and our mobile video banking platform enables that type of access.


Before mobile video banking presented the ability to access your institution from any device, web solutions gave people access from their work or home. Finding time to conduct banking business during work hours or with sick kids at home can be difficult, but with web video banking solutions, customers can have access to your institution from any computer at home or work. Let’s say a couple needs to sign a document but they aren’t able to get to their local branch. Invo Web solutions allow both parties to connect with their institution from a computer that has a web camera and even lets them sign documents from any location.


While mobile and web solutions offer unrivaled convenience and flexibility, our data finds that many people still prefer to do business with a financial institution close to where they live or work. In fact, nearly 60% of people who start a process online eventually end up visiting a branch. Our in-branch solution was the first to the market and is still the industry leader, improving customer engagement and loyalty.

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Simply put: people love video banking and want their financial institutions to offer it. Invo Solutions is the future of video banking and we want to help you leverage this movement for your team. Contact us online or give us a call at (855) 468-6843 to stake your claim today.