Invo Video Banking

Invo Video Banking is centered on the customer experience and can extend to home and mobile. One of the benefits of this platform is its ability to assist in any transaction that excludes cash. Agents can help customers open new accounts, secure a mortgage, discuss savings or refinance, and it’s all done through video banking.

Customers log in to Invo Video Banking and are quickly greeted by a financial agent who appears on the computer screen. With the use of a signature pad and a document scanner, the user experience mimics an in-person interaction. This attention to user experience is part of why customers have ranked their satisfaction with Invo Video Banking 4.82 out of 5. That is the primary focus of Invo Video Banking. After five years of testing this software at our own credit union, we’ve created a video banking platform that increases employee production and efficiency while also increasing customer satisfaction.

Here are a few of our clients results:

  • 2 Minute Average Wait Time

  • 3:1 Desk to Employee Capacity

  • 20% Increase in Cross Sales

  • 96.8% Positive Experience Rating

  • 4.82 out of 5 Satisfaction Rating