We were tired of average, unhelpful webinars. So we created Invo Insider, a space within the financial industry for banks and credit unions to find valuable insight from their peers. 

Invo Solutions was founded in 2012 with the sole purpose of creating the first video banking platform. Since 2020, the need for video banking solutions has dramatically increased and Invo Solutions has helped our clients to become more accessible to their customers and members than ever.

But we get it. It’s not that easy to integrate new technologies. We want Invo Insider to provide insight to the bank or credit union that simply doesn’t have the time to research all the necessary options. That’s why we decided to start with Mobiloil Credit Union to help you see what the process was like. 

In our first Invo Insider, we want to explore the ‘what’ behind why video banking works for Mobiloil, hearing directly from Jacob Wills, the Vice President of Virtual Services at Mobiloil. During our time together, you will hear our COO Jake Martin speak with Wills on things such as:

  • The vision behind video banking
  • The strategic development of the delivery channel
  • How you can support video banking operationally
  • How to achieve and maintain success
  • And much more

Founded in 1935, Mobiloil was one of the first federal credit unions in their county and have grown to over 60,000 members. Their desire to move into the video banking space came from their desire to help give the same level of service, regardless of the physical location of the branch.

“There’s a responsibility on us to integrate technology,” Wills said. “This is where people are headed. Making things convenient and available to them, meet their needs where they’re at, that’s what we have to do.”

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